Today, I get a day off. KIND OF.

Today is my day off.  Well.  Let me clarify.  Today, I am not on the Medic truck.

I got to sleep in past 03:45 and take the time to enjoy my coffee.  In all honesty, once you become acclimated to waking up at O'Dark Thirty on a regular basis your body naturally starts to wake itself up at an ungodly hour.  Today, I woke up in a panic twice between the hours of 04:00 and 07:00.  You know the kind.  "Oh, SHIT.  I slept late, I'm going to be late for work!  Where's my uniform?  I HAVE TO CALL THE SUPERVISOR!!" You heave your legs to the edge of the bed, feet dangling, head spinning with a raging case of bed head and it sinks in.  I do not have to go to work today.  GREAT.  Now what do I do with all of this unnecessary adrenaline?  

I laid in bed for a bit, scratching Sammy's ears.  When the light starts to creep in through the windows and my eyes begin to focus I think about all of the things I have to accomplish today.  Groceries.  Meal prep. (My Mommy is making me Chicken Salad today) LAUNDRY. (Have we talked about how much laundry we generate?? For the love of all things holy) Cleaning.  Eating.  TRAINING.  Oh lord.  What does Michael have on the agenda for me today??

I get up, Sammy reluctantly follows,  we both wander into the kitchen and I try to figure out how to make the coffee. I am a train wreck in the morning. Sammy is too. The pups go out, do their business and then lay in the morning sun to recharge their batteries.  I keep the house the temp of an Arctic Tundra at night and sleep with a fan in my face.  My bipeds and quadrupeds hate me for it. (Sorry, not sorry.  I'm the Adult who pays the bills)

Sitting at the computer, I have in front of me my Paleo-ish pancakes, my java and I log into my social media accounts to read the "news".  I get a text message from Michael. "Morning love"  "Morning, Babe" is my response.  "I'm up, moving super slow today, I'm going to finish my coffee and run"  See, now by this I mean I am going to figure out which way is up and then go do my circuits.  "Bricks" he calls them because they are blocks of daily workouts.  I call them shit bricks.  Blocks of heavy, hard work outs that at times make me feel like shit.  SHIT BRICKS.  

"Today you should be doing 1 hour on your bike and 25-30 min. run..the run is the easy have to be prepared to be on the bike for 4-5 hours" "Just eat something, let it digest then stick a phone book under your wheel and do 1 hour and then your need a brick with  1 hour bike and 30 mins run."  "OK, I'm on it"  Grumble.  There is not going to be enough coffee for today.

I then look to my left and there staring at me like a beast...Matt Long.  He's giving me an unapologetic stare from the cover of the book I use as my bible and motivation.  "The Long Run" By the way....Whoever did his cover work photography should receive an award.  He has a stare equivalent to the "Mona Lisa".  Anywhere you go, he's like "get the hell up and do this, you have no excuses."  Right, Matt.  I'm going. UGH. You Sir, are a beast. Today, however I am NOT.

So I'm heading out to do my "brick" so I can finish the rest of my day.  There will be lots of grumbling and bad, bad words today.  So here is what I can offer you today: For the Paleo-ish pancakes:  3 bananas, 2 eggs, one scoop of almond butter, mixed together really well.  When you pour them in the skillet, make sure to make them smaller than your spatula.  We learned the hard way, they don't like to be flipped so they fall apart easily.  Whatever you don't eat, put in the fridge.  They are just as good cold as warm.  I bring mine to work and snack on them throughout the day.

Heres a sampling of the training "BRICKS" (Shit Bricks) Mike has me doing through September 2:

August 13-19: 2) Bricks 1.5 hours bike then 35 minute run.  2) swim 3 intervals pf 5 mins with swim lanyard with 2 mins rest.

August 20-26: 2) Bricks 2 hours bike and 40 minute run. 2) Swim 4 times 5 minute intervals with lanyard with 2 minutes of rest.

August 27-September 2: 2) Bricks 2 hours 30 mins bike followed by one hour run. 2) Swim 3 times at 7 minute intervals with swim lanyard and 1 minute 30 seconds rest in between

After a 15 minute warm up on trainer, concentrate on incline trainer work.  Stand up and crank when tired..spin for last 5 minutes before going for your run.

Enjoy your day, Be safe and Be good to each other ~ T