AltRed Ambassador!!

I have long been a huge proponent of exercising, eating clean and most importantly, eating properly for my autoimmune Disease.  I eat natural foods that help decrease the inflammation in my joints and help build up my immunity because, as a Paramedic I work around some pretty sick people.  

A few years ago, my Endocrinologist told me that when I juice, to juice beets as they are one of the best “super foods” you can consume.  They are loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. What a mess to juice! On top of that, it goes everywhere, the smell can be a bit unsavory as well as they contain nitrates and some sugars.  

Having Hashimoto’s, there are certain things that when you eat them they become counter productive to thyroid health even making your medication only partially effective.  They are mercury, perchlorate and you guessed it, NITRATES.

About a month ago, I was reading one of my USA Triathlon magazines and came across an advertisement for AltRed. I actually read it and was immediately intrigued.  Beet betalains in a tablet?? DO TELL! I logged on the the web site and began fervently reading. The beauty of this product is they actually have the science to back up their claims.  Sur, the company behind AltRed took the best part of the Beet, the Phyto-nutrient and “unleashed” it from those nasty thyroid eating nitrates and the sugars. AltRed is naturally designed to increase your red blood cells.  This makes it easy for them to carry oxygen to your vital organs helping your endurance. What else? It helps to mitigate your lactic acid in your muscles to make it easier to go long distances without that terrible, “I’m starving for oxygen” burning feeling in your legs. This is what aids in quicker recovery times.

Does it really work?  Well. I bought a bottle, I followed the instructions and started.  On the second day, I noticed I had little to no fatigue on my run. Then, I noticed I had little to no recovery time after a three hour workout.  I figured it was a fluke, maybe I was just having a good day. (Having AID, there really is no such thing as a GOOD Day) I tried it every day for the next two weeks.  Not only did I not have any GI upset, but I had more endurance, my times improved and I had cut my recovery time by not minutes, but hours. This was not a fluke. This was the real deal.  Then I noticed something else. The inflammation in my hands and feet began to go away after the third week and haven’t come back. I am a month into using AltRed and I’m not looking back.  

My Birthday was August 23rd.  On that day, I was working the Medic truck and I got an email telling me I was invited to be an “AltRed Ambassador”.  I was over the moon. Being honest, forthright and sharing my story made me a good candidate they said. Basically, being ME.  Anyone who really knows me knows I don’t promote products or sell things. I just do my own thing. This time, however I am going to share my experience and trials with you and tell you this product is worth trying.  If you are interested in trying AltRed, click on the link and get 50 percent off of your first bottle. I’m sure you won’t ever look back once having tried it. I didn’t.


So, Now I will proudly be wearing the AltRed colors as I am now on team Alt Red!!